About Me

Hi! My name is Melissa Rivers and I am a Creative Peace Designer. I use my gift of creative problem solving to help others navigate conflict and create space for more peaceful opportunities.

As a youth I used my imagination to create stories and scenarios that were only limited by my thoughts. My passion for creative writing and literature helped me to think BIG and outside of the box.  I often used a technique that I call creative imagery to create opportunities for myself.

I still use this technique today in both my professional and personal lives. Being a person who’s overcome significant challenges, I owe it all to my faith and to my ability to see a solution when others can’t.

Combine my huge imagination with a graduate degree in Peace and Conflict Studies and certifications in both Lean Six Sigma and Change Management,  and you have the perfect recipe for Creative Peace Design!

I would love to help you design a solution for the challenges that you are currently facing.

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Create your peace,

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